Indonesian Mangoes set to be imported into Australia

Indonesia looks set to begin exporting mangoes to Australia for the first time, after a trade deal was advanced between the two nations in Melbourne last week.

According to Indonesian media, the first trays of Indonesian mangoes are due to arrive in October, putting them in direct competition with the Australian harvest.

While plenty of growers have told the ABC they are angry about the deal, Australian Mango Industry Association chief executive Robert Gray remains calm.

“I don’t think it’s a major concern for Australian growers, because Australian mangoes have secured a very strong position in the marketplace and the Australian-grown product is the consumers’ mango of choice,” he said.

Indian mangoes, Pakistani and Vietnamese mangoes have all been given access to Australia in recent years, and experience has shown they have all struggled to capture any foothold in our marketplace, because our industry has been very good at delivering great mangoes to the market.”

Mr Gray said Indonesia had been pushing to get mangoes into Australia for about 25 years, with negotiations beginning in November 2015 to work on a protocol for the fruit.

The federal Department of Agriculture confirmed in a statement that Indonesia was seeking market access for mangoes through the “irradiation treatment pathway”, and an approach had been agreed to during an Australia-Indonesia meeting in Melbourne last week.

“It is expected the systems and procedures for this treatment pathway will be in place in time for the upcoming mango export season expected to commence in September,” the department said.

Government silent on imports

If trade is a two-way street, then the Federal Government seems determined to only talk about one lane.

Following last week’s trade forum in Melbourne, federal Agriculture Minister David Littleproud happily announced that seed potato farmers across South Australia and Victoria “will be celebrating after today’s breakthrough in securing new market access to Indonesia”.

According to the Minister, more than 300 seed potato farmers could now export their product to Indonesia — but at what cost to Australia’s mango and dragon fruit industries, which will now face competition from imports?

Mr Littleproud flew to the Northern Territory on Friday and visited a mango plantation near Darwin where, according to local mango growers, he did not mention the Indonesian deal that had been signed the day before.

“He kept saying he was there to help us and didn’t mention anything that would destroy us,” one mango grower told the ABC Country Hour.

“We’ve been sold out or traded for another commodity … I would say David Littleproud hasn’t got much to be proud of at all,” NT mango farmer Leo Skliros said.

Mr Skliros believes imports from Indonesia will hurt local growers.

“The top of the market is determined by the bottom, so an inferior product coming in might not be in direct competition [with our fruit] in the supermarkets, but for a lot of businesses they do buy that lower grade fruit and it’ll drag the price down,” he said.

In a statement to the ABC, Mr Littleproud said mango imports to Australia were not new, and he defended his Government’s view on trade.

“Australian farmers rely on exporting their produce overseas, and our exports rely on Australia also receiving imports from overseas in return,” he said.

“If Australia locks the door to imports, other countries retaliate by blocking our exports, and the entire Australian agriculture industry falls over.”

The Australian Government is conducting a review of biosecurity import requirements for fresh dragon fruit from Indonesia.

Dragon fruit growers facing more imports

The Department of Agriculture said it was also conducting a review of biosecurity requirements to allow for the importation of fresh dragon fruit from Indonesia.

A draft report has been published for stakeholder consultation, and submissions close on March 19.

“It is anticipated that a final report will be published towards the middle of 2018,” the department said.

“Export can only begin once Australia is satisfied that Indonesia can meet the biosecurity requirements.”

Australia’s dragon fruit industry is already experiencing dwindling returns, after the Federal Government last year allowed Vietnam to start exporting the exotic fruit to Australia.

Northern Territory grower Marcus Karlsson said he was having one of his worst seasons because the Vietnam fruit had dragged the price down.

Speaking to the ABC last week, Mr Karlsson said he was losing about $20 per tray and was seriously considering his future in the industry.

When asked about the prospects of imports coming in from Indonesia, he said it would be “another nail in the coffin”.

“It’s just another example of our Federal Government doing its best to ruin a Territory industry,” he said.

“And basically, we’ve got the Minister [David Littleproud] telling us to go suck eggs. It makes you wild.”


43 Comments Add yours

  1. Deb Turner says:

    Can we get a petition going on this, please?


    1. We need a petition to stop this madness…. support OUR FARMERS not overseas producers


  2. D Alam says:

    Again this government sucking the life out of Australia. Don’t import fruit and vegetables we grow here it’s just not right our industries will suffer even more now and the diseases that will come in with imported stuff is wrong.


  3. Jan Lennard says:

    It’s enough that our farmers are struggling and committing suicide through serious lack of support and financial strife . How then can we possibly accept buying imported produce from overseas ? This has to be a no brainer surely . We must support our own hard working struggling farmers who have to fight to survive against all the hardships of working on the land let alone loss of income from droughts , cyclones , bush fires , floods . Stop this total injustice NOW .


  4. Frances Clark says:

    First pineapples now mangoes.. STOP BRINGING FOREIGN FRUIT INTO 🇦🇺 AUSTRALIA.


  5. Louise Smithers says:



  6. Leanne Bell says:

    Stop this disgusting trade, Australian farmers and consumers are suffering from this selfish agreement.


  7. Madknna says:

    Please do not import fruit etc. We need to help keep our farmers, producers in business. Thanks


  8. Christine Benjamin-Young says:

    This is just plain wrong on so many levels and I expect if this goes ahead we can look forward to a whole new range of pests and diseases coming in on the fruit. Why would our government put our farmers livelihood at such risk. I will never buy any foreign produce when we grow perfectly delicious mangoes in this country. Local produce only for me thanks.


  9. Pauline says:

    start a petition and then present it to the government…they work! (


  10. Michelle says:

    Aussies only want locally fresh grown fruit and veggies not imported!
    We support our own and would even pay more to do so.
    Stop this ridiculous and unecessary action and be fair and right to our own!


  11. Daphne Donges says:

    This government is making us so in debt that there is no way we can climb out of it! We do not need mangoes from Indonesia. We do not need oranges from California or any other fruit. We can feed ourselves IF the government would get behind our own people first!


  12. Raymond D Morrison says:

    We dont need to import Mangoes from Indonesian they can sell them cheaper to there own people that no fruits ,


  13. Sue says:

    Why on earth would this be allowed to happen? Australia grow the best mangoes in the world!
    Grow some balls Australian government and put a stop to the imports


  14. Bonnie Carmichael says:

    We have our own fruit here, don’t import from overseas. I certainly won’t be buying it


  15. C .Harrison says:

    Protect Australian food production and farms and jobs.


  16. Greg Semple says:

    And on and on it goes …the sell out of the Australian farmer, its about time the Australian people started to fight back and rid this country of just plain dumb ideas


  17. I McNeil says:

    Support Aussie farmers – at least we know we can trust their products as we have very strict guidelines here – does Indonesia?


  18. Peter says:

    We have plenty of locally grown fruit and vegetables!! Why import?? Is the quality as good as ours and the standard??


  19. Arthur Le Feuvre says:

    Allowing imports of uncooked prawns devastated Queensland prawn farmers with white spot disease. They are STILL coming in to supermarkets. God knows what will come with this ever increasing importation of risky products. And State and federal Governments have allowed our quarantine inspections and Departmental officers to be underfunded, so there will be noone to do anything useful when it gets in.
    All to meet the never ending demands of the “cheap cheap/down down brigade. We will pay a heavy price for such foolishness.


  20. jim aylmer says:

    stop you have got to be kidding ist you sell off our country now your going to ruin our farmers lively hood we need a change of government now so diss appointed


  21. Jennifer says:

    Stop imported food stuff support out farmers and food industry. Keep control of how the mangos are grown. Stop this


  22. Sam says:

    I love my mango’s but I’m not going to buy shit import ones. I’ll only buy Aussie mango’s. If that means the likes of Coles or woolies won’t support our farmers I’ll buy elsewhere whoever has Aussie mango’s.


  23. Suzanne Duffy says:

    No way . LNP , Labour Party and Greens you are home you have sold enough of our country off.


  24. Janis Rossiter says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how the Australian Government who says it is trying to encourage industry in Australia is always so ready to destroy it. Allowing the import of foreign mangoes is just another kick in the face for Australian primary producers. Australian farmers frequently have to plough crops into the fields because there are not enough buyers. Australia has the climate to be the food basket of the world. Australians are constantly told that large areas of the world do not have sufficient food. The Australian Government should be focused on obtaining overseas markets.


  25. Debbie says:

    support the Australian farmers as they are all doing it tough, there is nothing wrong with our fruit and vegetables here in Australia. We are not allowed to take fruit over our state borders so why bring something from overseas borders that could cripple our farmers even more from introduced diseases.


  26. Dianne Strother says:

    Something else this government is going to stuff up. WE DONT need other countries fruit and vegetables lets get ours going again isnt that employment.


  27. jayne says:

    really this government sucks big time


  28. Helen Walters says:

    We need to look after the Australia farmers first and use the products we produce first.


  29. M Bateman says:

    well if that isn’t the worst decision you pollies have ever made, it is close. Come on guys look after our farmers and forget overseas mangoes. WE DON’T WANT THEM HERE. Stop them before they start coming. Total rubbish, make some decisions the support Australians for a change.


  30. Sandi says:

    This Government is destroying any Australia there is left. They have no consideration for what the people want there country to be like they just keep selling us out to the point Australia does not even feel like Australia anymore. Why not just give all our hard working farmers more shit to deal with. And we will all just buy crap produce sprayed with whatever chemicals and grown in shit. I would rather just not eat.


  31. Margaret Pearson says:

    No, no, no


  32. Antoinetta says:

    Why would you import fruit. Already sell fruit from other countries in Woolworths. Shame on you. I don’t buy if not grown in Australia. Support OUR Farmers. Let’s all say NO to buying Imported Fruit and leave the retailers with spoilt fruit on the shelf, because no-one is buying it.


  33. Lis says:

    Please no more imports when we can produce locally. I don’t buy overseas produce unless we don’t grow in Australia. Keep our farmers in business


  34. Keverall says:

    Why do we allow so much foreign produced and grown food into Australia, When Most of the Food we produce in Australia is far superior to anything that is produced elsewhere?


  35. Lucy Lamb says:

    I love mangoes but Australian mangoes…I will not be buying mangoes from another country under any circumstances…We dont need nangoes in October! We can wait for them like we have for decades. What happened to supporting our country and our farmers….Who cares about other economies….Its more than overdue that our stupid politicans get their heads out of each others backsides and focus on making our country great.


  36. Joe Bonnell says:

    The Australian government has betrayed us again. Turnbull and his arrogant mob are full on Traitors to the people of Australia. They have ruined the prawn industry by allowing filthy contaminated prawns into our country. They have allowed bananas to come here that are destroying our banana farmers. They bring in pineapples that we don’t want. They have all but destroyed our milk industry, our wool industry and have done nothing to help our cattle farmers. They are selling all our best farming land to communist China and unlimited real estate. They even allowed the harbour in Darwin to be leased to China for 100 years. They are working full speed to destroy all of Queensland and a vast amount of our remaining country by pushing for the Adani mine. A mine that will be given ALL the artesian water reserves in Queensland for FREE. Neither Adani or the treacherous government care about our country or our people whatsoever. The government has destroyed enormous areas of land by allowing fracking that has ruined every farm and river where it’s been done.
    The government have stopped all manufacturing here in Australia and now we have to import everything we once made here with Australian labour. Their treachery is unlimited and they just don’t care. Our farming industry has sunk so low that we will soon be importing milk from China for our families and children. Milk produced by Chinese farms in Australia, exported to China and then imported back and sold here!
    And now greedy government are going to import mangoes from Indonesia. This importation will have devastating effects on our mango farmers. Why are we importing inferior mangoes from Pakistan, Vietnam, India and now Indonesia? It’s because of the dispicable greed of the importers, a government that doesn’t care about our people. A government that only cares how it looks with the UN and a NWG that they are wanting at any cost. The government and all the thugs within it, must be got rid of once and for all.


  37. Irene davis says:

    I want to eat australian grown foods.


  38. dassamson says:



  39. Paula says:

    I for one will not be buying them. Australian grown or none what is it these morons?


  40. Gale Strain says:

    We must support our Australian Farmer and Growers. All we have to do is not purchase the imported fruit and that will send a clear message that they won’t be able to ignore.


  41. Tony ward says:

    Another case of our government abandoning local farmers, what a joke Turdball. You are not fit to run this country lie after lie.


  42. Karen says:

    Look after Australian farmers and the countries future . Think local, act global. Positive changes for the planet involve supporting local first. This also means we know what we are eating!!!


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