Murray Goulburn: China’s Fuyang Farming weighs MG bid

INNER Mongolia Fuyang Farming is believed to be the latest Chinese party weighing a bid for embattled milk producer Murray Goulburn, joining other such as the listed a2 in the contest.

Another company understood to be interested is China Resources, which already owns a stake in the company, The Australian reports.

Speculation emerged almost two months ago that Chinese parties and private equity firms were making inquiries with financiers about securing a loan to buy the business.

Only weeks ago, Murray Goulburn’s adviser Deutsche Bank began knocking on the door of prospective suitors, and now a sale of the dairy co-op is in full swing.

Bids are due on September 15 and flyer documents are now out circulating in the market.

Fuyang Farming is a 79 per cent shareholder in Victoria’s Burra Foods.


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  1. June Colaudolu says:

    Enough is enough you the government need to stop selling off our companys , so we become reliant on a foreign government being able to hold back on our food security.


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