The shoe that could give your child cancer: Product recall

A PRODUCT recall has been issued for children's shoes which authorities say have a poisonous lining that could could cause cancer. 

The shoes, sold onto the Australian market by the clothing website Next UK, contain the toxic substance benzidine in the lining. 

The shoes in question are described as navy strap brogue shoes. 

"The lining contains a quantity of benzidine which could have carcinogenic properties if in prolonged contact with the skin," the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission wrote in a statement. 
"Expert authorities classify benzidine as a carcinogen and recommend that exposure be limited.

"Consumers should stop using the product immediately, and contact Ezibuy on 1800 148 148 to arrange return packaging and a full refund."
The ACCC says the shoes were available to buy online between December 19, 2016 and June 29, 2017.
It is understood the ACCC does not possess an image of the shoes in question at this stage. 
Next UK has been contacted for comment and asked to supply an image of the shoes. 


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  1. Debbie Heddle says:

    Australia customs should thoroughly test any products which may be imported, before giving any authority of entry. We bring too much imported goods into Australia, when we could manufacture them here.


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