Australia lifts ban on Vietnam raw shrimp

 Australia has lifted the ban it imposed in January on uncooked Vietnamese shrimp products. Vietnamese companies may resume importing raw prawns caught in Australia for processing and export them to Australia for consumption.

The department “will be accepting permit applications for uncooked Australian wild caught prawns exported to Vietnam for processing and re-imported into Australia from 15 June 2017,” it wrote in a statement released on its website on Thursday.

The department also said its “Biosecurity Import Conditions database system has been updated to reflect the new requirements.”

In addition, import permit applications for Australian wild prawns processed in countries other than Vietnam “will be accepted once the competent authorities in these countries provide assurance that they meet Australia’s new import conditions.”

This has helped lift the temporary ban made by Australia in January on shrimp exports from Asian countries, including Vietnam, on worries about the white spot outbreak in the country.

In February, the department loosened the ban on dried prawns, shelf-stable prawn-based food products and other products caught from the exclusive economic zone of Australia as the risk of white spot virus outbreak was low on these products.

The decision was made after the Australia’s Department of Agriculture and Water Resources received written confirmation by the National Agro-Forestry-Fisheries Quality Assurance Department (NAFIQAD) under Vietnam’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development that “it can meet conditions included in the updated health certificate.”

In May, Vietnam’s ministries of Industry and Trade and Agriculture and Rural Development urged Australian agencies to consider lifting the ban on Vietnamese shrimp imports, reporting the damage to Vietnam’s shrimp exports to Australia. According to the Vietnam Trade Office in Australia, this is the seventh largest prawn market for Vietnam, accounting for 3.6 per cent of Vietnam’s total shrimp exports.
In 2016, Vietnam exported US$114.6 million worth of shrimp products to Australia, of which processed shrimps made up 78 per cent of the total.
In the last five years, Vietnam has been the biggest shrimp product supplier to Australia and demand for prawn products in the country is forecast to rise.
In addition, Australia focusses on importing products from main suppliers, a major advantage for its top shrimp providers, including Vietnam.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. kevin says:

    NO it’s wrong


  2. Merv Hargraves says:

    Australia’s high unemployment rate could be eased if these prawns were processed in Australia, eliminating the risk of more white spot outbreaks.
    Are we so incompetent or lazy in this country now that we can’t peel a few prawns? Why take the risk AUSTRALIA.?
    And as far as selling the Chinese another massive cattle station., DONT.
    We need to keep some productive land for ourselves, or will we have to import any beef we want for our own consumption from China.



  3. Mrs Egan says:

    I think this a disgrace to our own industry please rethink this


  4. Jorg Backhaus says:

    It is absolutely wrong, having it done overseas where there is no quality control only because it’s cheaper


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