More than two thirds of bacon sold in Australia is made from imported pork.

MOST consumers remain unaware that more than two thirds of bacon sold in Australia is made from imported pork.
Australian Pork Limited chief executive officer Andrew Spencer said most people assumed that the tasty, crispy bacon they’re enjoying was Australian.
“While people prefer to buy Australian and support our farmers, most consumers simply have no idea that their bacon and ham might not be made from Australian pork,” Mr Spencer said.
“In a country where we celebrate our produce for its quality and availability, that’s shocking for most people.
“They can’t understand why we’re importing pork from the other side of the world.”
This week is Australian Bacon Week, which was introduced so we could celebrate the very best 100 per cent Aussie bacon, but also raise awareness of imports.

While pig farmers have been fighting imports in ham, bacon and smallgoods for years, Mr Spencer said imported ribs and bellies were now also causing issues.
“Imported pork is now making its way onto consumers’ plates by way of ribs and bellies which are being heat treated and sold into restaurants,” he said.

“For years we have told consumers to look for the PorkMark and ask their retailers if their bacon and ham is true blue, but now we also need you to ask your waiter or chef.
“We hope chefs and restaurants will ditch this shelf stable, sterilised pork and go back to serving fresh, local pork.”
All fresh pork is proudly Australian and Mr Spencer said consumers could confidently continue cooking their favourite dishes at home, but when it came to bacon, ham and smallgoods or prepared meat cuts, consumers needed to check the labels.
“This Australian Bacon Week, support our pig farmers and our processors, enjoy specially-created dishes and spread the word,” he said.
“We have some of the best pork in the world, so why import it?”

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