Chinese buy iconic Windsor retail strip plans 110 apartments and 205 car park spaces 

AN ICONIC retail strip in the heart of Windsor has been purchased by a Chinese investor for $9.5m with plans to transform the site into 110 apartments with 205 car parking spaces, subject to Council approval.
The property, which has three street frontages and fronts onto the mall, currently has 12 leased stores including the Outback Bakehouse.
Agent David Lee from Leaders Estate Agents at Gladesville said the buyer did not inspect the site in person but believed it had good potential due to its proximity Badgerys Creek.

“The owner really loves the area — he didn’t see it personally but has family in Australia who came to look at it,’’ he said.
“It is a great location as it is just about 300m from the river and 1.5km to the railway.’’

There are development plans to transform the site into 110 apartments with 205 car parking spaces, subject to Council approval.

The new owner is not expected develop the site for several years.
According to CoreLogic, the sale beats the previous record of $2.31m paid for 52 Macquarie
Street _ which already had DA approval for 24 apartments _ in December 2014.
The most expensive property in the suburb is the Windsor Riverview Shopping Centre
located at 227 George Street which sold for $47.5m in July 2014.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Lels Wom says:

    Stop the crap liberals labor greens we are not stupid


  2. Ken says:

    What a fuckin joke !
    He hadn’t even seen the property…..just sitting back in his homeland of China and buying up the historic Windsor to turn into in the look of Parramatta, Ryde, Chatswood and the like !
    Hawkesbury Council, you just don’t get it do you !!!
    Absolutely disgusting !!!


  3. Paul says:

    These chinese investors need to be stopped . Our government only have themselves to blame , pretty soon the chinese are going to own everything ….. Enough is Enough . If we dont stand against this or stop the investor buying there will be nothing left for our future generations to have and own …. Absolutely disgusting that government let this sort of behaviour happen at all !!!


  4. Jackie says:

    It’s time to stand up Australians and let our government ( no matter who’s in charge) that we are not happy with the way they’ve allowed our land our homes our way of life been stripped away from us. The way we knew Australia is vastly disappearing. It’s time to stop! This site at Windsor should be kept to its original heritage an upgrade maybe but nothing more! Governments need to be stopped!!!


  5. Michael says:

    How dare they. Historic Windsor has already been defaced with the building of the new apartments on Macquarie Street. This will be the biggest most imposing building in the town. What the hell was the council thinking? It has broken my heart. I cannot believe that this has been allowed to happen. These apartments are right across the road from some of Windsors most beautiful historic buildings. It will look totally out of place. A total eyesore.
    At what cost are we changing the face of the country and the district my family has lived in since first settlement. Over my dead body will they build apartments in the center of the historic precinct of Windsor. It’s right next door to the Macquarie Arms for Christ’s sake. Like hell they will! It will never be the same. Lost forever.
    Just take a drive down Victoria Road and see how they are ruining every inch of the place for apartments. It’s disgusting. Stand up now and make yourselves heard that we don’t want this change coming to our town.


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