Chinese to build new $1bn City between Brisbane and the Gold Coast

Chinese hands have snatched up sprawling sugar cane fields on the northern tip of Queensland’s Gold Coast with the intentions of turning the rural landscape into a new city.Songcheng Performance Development, owned by a Chinese theme park entrepreneur, is the company striking a deal to develop the Norwell Valley, which is located smack bang between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

The Norwell Valley is one of the last remaining undeveloped patches of land between Brisbane and the Gold Coast so it is not surprising that it was snatched up to be developed into a $1 billion mega hub for domestic and international tourists.
Songcheng Performance Development is currently laying the foundations for a full blown city which includes residential, commercial, health, and educational precincts. It is currently proposed that the development would take place over the next 25 years, to coincide with a spending spree on highway infrastructure between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

This mega development isn’t Songcheng Performance Development’s first foray into South East Queensland. Last November they unveiled plans for a $400 million ‘cultural theme park’ on a riverfront Nerang Site.

The farmers who currently own the land are not letting slip any details regarding the land grab but it is expected that when the deal is finalised in mid-2018 it could amount to Australia’s largest land sale.


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  1. Terry R says:

    Well, the upside is that it will probably be Mosque free.


    1. Nick Folkes says:

      There is no upside with Chinese colonising Australia, you fool. Chinese have their own agenda just like Muslims, they want to dominate Australia and with weak white men like you, we are losing our nation.

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      1. Karen Weeden says:

        too late the real Australia is already gone no true blue left


  2. Judith Finch says:

    There is a small cemetery very close to there at Pimpama. My parents are there. This would add injury to insult if there was a detrimental impact to it. Our Dad chose the small cemetery because of its’ bushland surroundings. It was also privately owned and run by small business and this represented our Mum and Dad’s core values. I view the action’s of Malcolm Turnball as reprehensible. He is not worthy of the title Prime Minister.


  3. Diane Wilson says:

    Why is it that this government and the traitors in the firb can let the chinese get away with this. How many billions have these traitors been paid to sell their country out. And why haven’t ordinary Australians started to exterminate them. We really need a peoples army.


  4. r henry says:

    now you see why the howard government had to remove firearms from the general public.


  5. Christine Fletcher says:

    I am mature, in other words, aging. By virtue of that definition, I am suspicious, trust no one, and conservative. What sort of dodgy deals between governments and developers have taken place for this sort of deal to get leg?
    I mean, for God’s sake, we’ve seen what sort of pathetic accountability measures are in place for Local Government conducted by the recent electoral commission Inquiry. And as for environment protection…. the developers pockets are deep. Not hard to draw your own conclusions. EY?


    1. Andy J says:

      This is what Australians want, voting for the major 2 parties, neither have the peoples interests at heart. They want to dumben you up with forced fluoridation, kill you early with vaccinations, rape you of your money with high taxes & police fines and spy on your private life with smart meters & collecting internet metadata.


  6. Wendy Mather says:

    I know how you feel, I’ve been doing a lot of reading a lot lately. I’ve found out many things. One being that our Government and those previous Govts. are illegal under International Law and tonight I found out that The ATO is also illegal and our country is completely stuffed if we don’t do something about it. It is not a happy picture. The PM , MP’s and all those below know this and have been put on notice. But are hoping we the people will forget and not pursue it. Other countries have had a 400 od page submission letting them know our critical position. This is why China and other countries are taking advantage of us because they know our country is in such a bad state. Also, our Govts. had no right to sign us up to the UN. And that’s why Tony Abbott was not going to sign us up again and so he was stabbed in the back.


  7. Bob Joyes says:

    Same thing is happening here in New Zealand , with Dirty chinese money . No money stays in the chosen country, all returns to china . Its time for the ANZACS to rise again!!!!!


  8. Jeff Dorset says:



  9. Karina archer says:

    We are going to hell what on earth did our fore fathers die for at war ????? To keep Australia for Australians!!!!!!!!!!! Wake up wake up politicians fight for our bloody country and the people that put you in power take a pay cut and suffer like the rest of us remember your grandchildren will be livong your legacy ……Lest We Forget………


  10. I’m horrified that our beautiful Australian culture is being eroded with the selling of our land to foreign developers. But nothing will change that – more people voted for the Liberals with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull now in charge. However, the truth is the majority of Australians live beyond their means and millions of credit cards are used and not enough cash flow. The Government needs a huge huge cash flow as already Australia owes billions of dollars. This is why the Govt takes these overseas projects. This is my opinion and believe this is so.


  11. MLB says:

    It beggars belief what this Government is doing, on one hand they give Million to Indonesia and refugees, but at the same time cut the Aged pension from Australians who have paid taxes all their working life and then they are selling Australia down the tube to the Chinese in A BIG WAY , WHY! WHY! WHY!
    And as I have said before the Chinese are only interested in plundering pilfering from Australia, wake up you stupid politicians


  12. Ken Gordon says:

    Well Sis, you will have to come to live in Western Australia now, and to think you used to be annoyed by the farming practices of the sugar farmers.


  13. Karen says:

    Furious….we must not let this happen. If we went to China we couldn’t but land and build a city. Our governments all need sacking….they sacked Whitlam and he was a good guy so surely we can get rid of these traitors and stop the Chinese…..


  14. Jules says:

    Will they leave a corridor for a possible future bridge to Russell Island? Lets hope so.


  15. Theon Yates says:

    Bye bye Australia. Hello to the new chinese Provence of “Kangaroo land” 😧😧😧😧😧😢😢😢😱😱😱😵😵😵😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠


  16. Brenda Black says:

    This is the start of what is to come. Who will Mr. Turnbull sign up next. Keep Australia for Australians. Our deceased war heroes will be rolling in their graves. They never sacrificed their lives for this. Shame on the Government!


  17. allanrobb says:

    Tnx 4 bringing this 2 my attention: I’ll dissemin8 it 2 my circle


  18. Brian says:

    When do the Treason Trials start? I forgot… Not going to happen as Australian’s are too apathetic to rise up. Too distracted and absorbed in the trivialities of SSM, etc. Let alone putting a complete stop on Immigration.


  19. Reachill says:

    Liberals or Labour no matter which will do anything to try and get the budget under control.Labour created the massive debt we are now in and the Libs are trying to sort it.Labour blocks all the fiscal plans put forward so the debt is growing at 15.1billion interest per year. $473 per second.


  20. Anne Walsh says:

    Another huge let down by Malcolm Turnbull and his compatriots – they were elected by the people of Australia to act on behalf of Australians in their governance. I believe a referendum asking constituents to vote YES or NO on selling off Australian land, companies etc to foreign owners, countries etc be organised urgently. A stipulation that the government in power strictly adheres to the outcome.
    There are many chinese owned companies in Australia, i.e. the Healthecare group of private hospitals was acquired by the Chinese Luye Medical in 2015 and Healthecare leases the hospitals back from them. Healthecare is the third largest group of hospitals in Australia!


  21. Rod says:

    The 2006 census showed that 1/2 of Sydney’s population is chinese, and about 1/4 of the population is middle eastern and other asians. That happened between 1990 and 2006. No-one noticed this ? It’s way too late now. Stopping the population growing to 30-40-50 million should be everyone’s focus now.


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