Malcolm Turnbull tells Adani native title issues will be ‘fixed’

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has assured senior executives from Adani that native title issues threatening the Indian multinational’s proposed $21 billion Carmichael coal mine in Queensland’s Galilee Basin will be fixed.In a private meeting in New Delhi overnight Tuesday between the Prime Minister, Gautam Adani and his top executives, Mr Adani expressed concern at a Federal Court decision in February on native title which has threatened the giant coal mine as well as other major developments.

The government moved swiftly by introducing legislation – and the initial support of Labor – to overturn the decision, but it has become stuck in the Senate.

It is understood Mr Adani said his company was beginning to ramp up activity surrounding the controversial mine and requested an early resolution of the native title issues.
Mr Adani told Mr Turnbull the mine would create as many as 10,000 jobs, including 4000 in the first phase.

Earlier, Mr Turnbull told reporters of his government’s support not only for the coal project, but for Adani’s push as a renewable energy supplier.

“Obviously India is in a very different position to Australia in terms of its development and its enormous need for more electrification but India is pursuing every technology,” he said.

“As indeed is Mr Adani by the way. His company owns the second largest solar farm in the world which is here in India.

“We are committed to all of the above, all of those technologies, we support them and we play a big role in it, obviously as a big coal exporter to India, as we’re now in a position to supply uranium of course, but in addition to that just remember this that most of the world’s solar cells contain Australian technology.”


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  1. Diane Wilson says:

    Someone needs to ‘fix’ malcolm turdbull.


  2. Norman Guy says:

    Why must an Indian millionaire set up a coal mine in this country when we could do it our selves and sell them our coal.

    Doesn’t that make sense? Why are we helping their athletes? They have very bad human rights in that country.Issues like that used to offend the civilized world. It seems now that money speaks louder than morals. Barnaby Joyce must think we’re idiots!

    Sent from Outlook



  3. Stephanie Parker says:

    Seriously Malcolm (and ‘the boys’ and Noddy Heads in the background) and the rest of you – are you all making that much money that you don’t give a damn what you are leaving for your Grandchildren and the future of our Country!!!!!!! Stop selling us out.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Norman Guy says:

    Why is it that we, the Australian people are allowing the government to squander our resources to aliens? We need to do more!!

    Sent from Outlook



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