Questions over $750 million project in koala habitat area 

A Chinese property developer closely connected to a mayor in southeast Queensland has secured approvals to build a $750 million resort in a koala habitat that the state government has said it will not oppose.
The approval by Logan council, which is expected to deliver massive windfalls to developer Liansheng Yue after he bought the farmland for $843,000 in 2009, was granted despite 28 of 29 public submissions received by council opposed to the project.
The approval comes just days after the chief executive and deputy chief executive of Logan council tendered their resignations, for reasons which have not been made public.
Despite major concerns from community members and some Logan councillors, Queensland Deputy Premier and Planning Minister Jackie Trad has said the government will not “call-in” the project, known as The Lakes.
Ms Trad has repeatedly ­refused to be interviewed when contacted by The Australian in ­recent months in relation to The Lakes, but in a written statement via a spokeswoman she said the government does “not support urban style development in rural of environmental areas” but would take no action.
The spokeswoman said the development, halfway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, had “strict conditions” to ensure it ­operated as a “tourist facility only”.
Property experts interviewed by The Australian said they ­believe the project so far from key infrastructure and airports would be unviable as a tourism project and instead the developer would seek approval to build homes on the site, which are far more valuable.
The area sits in the last ­remaining green space between Brisbane and the Gold Coast and approval for the project from both Logan council and the Queensland Labor government is seen by many developers as a green light for widespread development of the region.
Logan mayor Luke Smith recused himself from the vote over The Lakes approval and said other councillors and staffers made their decisions independently of him.

Mr Smith has close ties to Mr Yue and his son Terry, who is also developing The Lakes.
A company owned by Mr Yue donated $63,300 to the election of Mr Smith, who was appointed mayor last March.
Earlier this month The Australian revealed Mr Smith in 2014, when a Logan councillor, ­arranged an inspection of a commercial building for Liansheng and Terry Yue, which the developers had planned to use as a sales office for their development.
Mr Smith allegedly attended the inspection with the developers, having earlier lined up the viewing, telling the commercial property agent he was doing so for a “Chinese associate”.
Mr Smith has not denied those allegations.
Both Liansheng and Terry Yue have repeatedly declined to comment.


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  1. valda purvis says:

    Our Koalas are important to us Australians and our tourist industry,they are systematically being decimated by the greedy developers and councils ,so is our environment ,this doesn’t smell right ,someone has to answer to the people ,so arrogant ,this must not be passed ,selling us out ..again


  2. Sally Selwood says:

    Here Here Diana Wilson – I agree with you


    1. Alyssa says:

      Totally agree with you! We need to take action and protect what is belong to the people! Shame on those Government servants , sell their mother land and for money!


    2. Im so upset over the Asian lnvasion on my country. Its got to stop this foreign ownership of Australia. Selling my country to China God less lot. They have a plan . The take over of my country with out killing us all yet. They will exterminate us all thats coming
      They want Australia for the wealthy to live here. China is stuffed.Air is polluted desert moving in over populated they need a nother country to go to Australia is it . Weak politicians.


  3. Lou says:

    So bloody dodgy!!! Can’t stand seeing everything being chopped down and “developed”
    We are killing wildlife, the world around us.
    People that aren’t Australian don’t understand how important it is to us!
    I agree that there should be a stop to foreigners buying up here. All they are in for is the money!
    They don’t care about the wildlife or the people they are affecting!!


  4. Heather Wales says:

    Not surprising this government is the worst environmental vandals we have seen in a long time ( apart from Newman) let’s hope the next election gets rid of The premier she is a disgrace!


  5. David Urquhart says:

    Liberal/National Party Councillors – what do you expect? It’s crooked & Chinese don’t give a fuck.


  6. Alyssa says:

    Is there any action we can take to stop?


  7. Susan Wilson says:

    I can’t understand why our stupid government could ever imagine that we Australians would let the extinction of our beautiful wildlife, especially our world wide icon happen.


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