Indonesia suspends all military co-operation with Australia

Military co-operation between Indonesia and Australia has reportedly been suspended after Indonesian officers found some training materials at a Perth defence force base to be offensive.
Indonesian newspaper Kompas reported that an instructor with the Indonesian Special Forces (Kopassus) discovered material deemed “demeaning” to Indonesia’s founding principles, Pancasila, during joint-training with Australia’s Special Air Service at the unit’s base in Perth. The report did not provide more detail about the material.
Indonesian military spokesman Major General Wuryanto said all military co-operation with Australia has been suspended for “technical reasons” but would not confirm why.
“All forms of co-operation have been suspended,” he said on Wednesday
“There are technical matters that need to be discussed,” Wuryanto said. Among these issues was the offensive training material, but it was “highly likely” co-operation will resume once those issues are resolved, he said.

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  1. passum2013 says:

    Well if they are so petty close of the welcome stop further exercises on Australian soil as it gives the enemy an advantage at wartime . Also any monetary aid from Australia forever


  2. Diane Wilson says:

    Good.. should never have been military co-operation. they are not our allies.


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