Call to restrict pension to the poorest 

A Senate crossbencher believes the pension should be restricted to Australia’s poor and people should sell off their assets outside their family home.
Senate crossbencher David Leyonhjelm wants Australians to drop their sense of entitlement to the aged pension.

The Liberal Democrats senator believes the pension should only be paid to poor people and claiming it should be “nothing to be proud of”.

“The intention of the pension system is not to help you leave your money to your kids, you’re supposed to sell down some of your assets,” he told ABC Radio on Monday.

“Some people get very niggly about that.”

His comments come in the wake of furore over the federal government’s recent changes to the pension assets test which came into effect on Sunday.

The amount of assets (excluding the family home) someone can have before pensions are hit has increased but pensions will cut out more quickly for those with assets exceeding $375,000 for homeowner couples, $450,000 for single non-homeowners, and $575,000 for non-homeowner couples.
An estimated 330,000 Australians had their pensions cut and 90,000 of them lost it entirely after the tighter assets test came into force.

But 170,000 pensioners will get about $15 a week extra because their assets will no longer affect their pensions.
Labor opposed the pension assets test changes.
“Pensioners right across the country are going to have their household budgets cut,” Opposition frontbencher Doug Cameron said in a statement.
The government argues that 90 per cent of pensioners will either benefit or be unaffected by the changes.
It reiterated the family home remains exempt.

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  1. Diane Wilson says:

    Of course that doesn’t apply to him and his politician mates. They’ll still get their disgustingly large pensions and perks and keep their millions of investments. Bastard mongrel

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  2. passum2013 says:

    How poor that’s the BIG QUESTION on the street a derelict, Very ill, or person on Permanent Disability Pension A normal retiree,, A drug addict, Government pusher ,that only cares about how much Methadone they can push onto the hooked .
    While the million and billionaires pay no taxes and get Australian government subsidies. The mining industry raping the country and all profits going overseas. Selling off all of our services like Energy, Harbours and Essential Services Medicare etc.
    What we need is an enquire into the Liberal Nationals donors support for favours.
    The Prime ministers tax haven in the Caymen Islands and his links with adami.
    Seize all the non and minimising non taxpaying Firms assets in Australia
    Australia would be flush with money earned here, should Stay in The Country that has been exploited since Federation.


  3. Gary Lewis says:

    What a dickhead this bloke needs a touch of reality where the hell does he get off saying things like that who the hell is he anyway l have never heard his name before or his party. He is probably a millionaire anyway, but he will still get his fat pension cheque anyway when he finishes his parliamentary career .


  4. W Mosel says:

    Don t tell me we don t deserve our pension!My generation worked damned hard and paid much higher taxes than you do today There were times when we paid more money in tax than we brought home.Of course this is now forgotten conveniently .


  5. Marilyn Riedy says:

    Remember that those assets include the superannuation that provides the income people need to live on. You can’t live or pay basic expenses if you have nothing. Many current retirees did not have time or the income to amass large superannuation amounts and this particularly applies to women. This generation took time out of the workforce to raise their children with NO government assistance. Taxation was supposed to support a pension for those with a disability and for aged care.


  6. John Hrynko says:

    Pensions should have the Grandfather clause. If I am Bourne 1953 then the pension should be granted to me according to the rules of that era. The pension should taper off depending when you are born. No one can plan their future because the powers to be keep moving the gold posts. Your family home is where you live and probably have lived for the last30 yrs or so. So irrespective of its value today. You can’t eat it, it is your shelter. Not only that, those that managed to work hard and obtain a home are saving and making the Gonernments money, simply by doing that. Stamp duty, rates etc. we don’t rely on housing from the govt. Maintainance is our problem etc. give us a break, tax Churches, why is that a problem, they take 10% of peopls earning in some cases into their coffers no tax paid. Musty national companies, at least tax them something. We promised that when theGSTcsme in that most other taxes, such as stamp duty would be axe, didn’t happen, another lie. Bring in a higher GST and get rid of all the other taxes, at least we can decid if we want to buy that item or not and have an idea of our costs in the future. SAVE OUR COUNTRY. ALSO STOP PUTING UP SMOKE SCREENS…..LIKE THE MUSLIM PROB….BIKER PROBLEM….GLOBAL WARMING……FIX OUR RIGHT TO A DECENT WAY OF LIFE IN OUR LATER YEARS…..


  7. John Hrynko says:

    PS. it was the Gov idea to make ourselves self sufficient and a lot of us did that, but to no satisfaction, once again give us a break


  8. Michael McGrath says:

    Why dont we setup a petition to have this guy removed from parliament?

    Lets do something about him….

    You are an insult to all Australians

    Senate crossbencher David Leyonhjelm


  9. Gary Lewis says:

    Get him out he is probably a multi millionaire anyway these PARASITES piss me off


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