Scott Morrison approves sale of Kidman cattle empire to Chinese and Gina Rinehart 

Treasurer Scott Morrison has approved the sale of the Kidman cattle empire to Chinese consortium  Shanghai CRED Real Estate Stock Co Ltd  and mining magnate Gina Rinehart 
Australian Outback Beef Pty Ltd (AOB) — owned by Mrs Rinehart’s company Hancock Beef Pty Ltd and Shanghai CRED Real Estate Stock Co Ltd — will buy the Kidman cattle empire except Anna Creek station , and its outstation The Peake which will be bought by a local farming family 
The 117-year-old family company, founded by Sir Sidney Kidman, has pastoral leases covering 101,000 square kilometres across Western Australia, the Northern Territory, Queensland and South Australia.
It runs a herd of up to 185,000 cattle, producing grass-fed beef for export to Japan, the US and South-East Asia.
Today’s announcement ends an often fraught, 20-month sale process which attracted interest from 600 parties and included an attempt to crowd-fund an Australian bid.

Mr Morrison blocked an initial all-Chinese offer by Shanghai Pengxin in November 2015 on the grounds that foreign ownership was not in the national interest given the size and defence sensitivity of the Kidman landholding.

The Kidman empire stretches across 2.6 per cent of Australia’s agricultural land and the Anna Creek station in South Australia sits partly within the prohibitive zone surrounding the Woomera weapons testing range.

In April this year, a restructured Chinese bid which excluded Anna Creek Station and brought in a 20 per cent local partner, Australian Rural Capital, was also rejected by the Treasurer.
Mrs Rinehart’s majority Australian-owned AOB entered the fray in October with a $365-million offer, only to be outbid by a completely home-grown consortium of outback cattle families.
Their $386 million bid was swiftly gazumped by AOB and the graziers withdrew from the race after Mrs Rinehart revealed her trump card — a commitment that Hancock Prospecting would buy the entire Kidman business itself if its Chinese partner failed the foreign investment test.
Mrs Rinehart has made her fortune in iron-ore mining but has recently been busy building her cattle interests.
In a recent interview she said her hope was to build up an agricultural holding that is not restricted to one geographic area.
In a statement, Kidman and Co managing director Greg Campbell welcomed the decision.
“Gina Rinehart is a prominent Australian and we appreciate her desires to further invest and grow the business,” he said.

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  1. Lynne Duncan says:

    This is not investment by the Chinese – this is takeover – what happens when Gina is not around??? then they will control it all – under FTAs signed over the past decade or more the majority of of our exports are owned off shore and sold through Singapore a lost cost tax haven – what is in it for Australoia??? Australian have built this country not the country not the Countries now buying our assets who do not even give their own people the rights we give these foreign countries – serfs and tenants in our own country – not good enough!!!! Successive Australian governments have done this – they would not allow these countries to own their home yet they will allow them to buy our land and wealth creating assets.


  2. Norman Guy says:

    Where will it all end? This is disgusting!! How can we let this happen?


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