Loophole means Chinese processed food entering Australia via New Zealand

Processed foods are now the largest category of food imported into Australia.
The value of processed or package fruit and vegetable imports increased by $264 million over the past two years to make up 15 per cent of food imports.
New Zealand and China are the largest exporters, although much of the Kiwi produce is actually grown in China, exported frozen to New Zealand and packaged there.
Ausveg spokesperson Hugh Gurney says food labelling laws must be changed.
“The loophole where produce an actually come in from China to New Zealand under the free trade agreement those two nations have, once it reaches New Zealand in a frozen block it can then be broken down and put into bags and sent over to Australia, under the labeling claim ‘Made in New Zealand from local and imported ingredients’, he said.
“Obviously that’s incredibly confusing for Australian consumers.”

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  1. Merinda Sharp says:

    I find this a huge problem with frozen veggies – I WONT buy it unless it is clearly marked Made in Australia.
    This ambiguity creates many sales for these NZ brands, as people think they’re buying produce grown in NZ. It drives me nuts – that they can get away with it!


  2. Helen Masters says:

    The whole thing is not only confusing, it is deceptive. I do read labels and don’t want food grown in China even if it’s a NZ company growing it in China ,and then returning it to NZ -so it looks as if it’s from NZ. Can we please have total truth in packaging laws so the consumer can actually be confident that the stated country where the food is grown, actually is the country where the food is grown.


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