China uses NZ backdoor entry to Oz: Potentially toxic frozen food  

China is using New Zealand as a back door to export potentially hazardous frozen foods into Australia:
The vegetables being sourced from China are avoiding chemical residue testing by coming through the back door… 18 bags of frozen vegetables from Australia and New Zealand were tested and three came up positive for ‘nasty” chemicals.
The worst chemical found was procymide in a winter vegetable product made in New Zealand from “local and imported products”…
The issue of Chinese vegetables getting around Australian regulations by coming through New Zealand has been around for a year or so but it seems nothing is being done to police or change it.

It works like this: Vegetables from China are sent to New Zealand where they are mixed with big name brands and sent on to Australia where they are sold to the unsuspecting consumer.

This is made possible by a loophole in our trade agreements with Australia and also that country’s unwillingness to adopt country of origin labeling. While it is not mandatory here either most companies at least pay homage to it…

Australian consumer advocate AUSBUY told the practice was rife and there was nothing that could be done to stop it.

Lynne Wilkinson said any food product sourced from overseas did not have to be labeled as to where it was from…

Not only are the vegetables being sourced from China they are avoiding chemical residue testing by coming through the back door…
Toxic imported frozen vegetables are in the mix, it is claimed.
Jo Immig, of the National Toxics Network, said at one stage 18 bags of frozen vegetables from Australia and New Zealand were tested and three came up positive for ‘nasty” chemicals.
The worst chemical found was procymide in a winter vegetable product made in New Zealand from “local and imported products”…

“Pesticide residues in imported produce is a significant issue [in Australia] as there’s basically no gatekeeper”.

Stories like this makes my blood boil. With Australia’s lax country-of-origin labeling laws, combined with inadequate testing, we have no way of knowing where our food is sourced from or that it is safe.

Not having to comply with strict standards also gives China’s food exporters a cost advantage over local producers, like SPC Ardmona, and is a key reason why they are being driven out of business.

China uses NZ for backdoor food entry to Oz

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  1. Bill yates says:

    Try to buy Australian produce but with the confusion around labling, makes it hard. Make it easier!


  2. Julie Burbidge says:

    How dare anyone allow toxic foods to come into OUR COUNTRY wrong in every way GRRRR


    1. Colleen Thomas says:

      Maybe look at the importer (if you can find them) and bouycot? Them. A few dollars short in the toll might get their notice


  3. Ralph says:

    Chinese have different values when it comes to food production and processing. If they happen to kill a million or two of their citizens as a result of negligence/carelessness, so what? Plenty left.


  4. IRENE says:



  5. Dom says:

    Apparently Australian laws regarding Country of Origin Labelling have now changed…. But, companies have two years to comply!!! 😞


    1. Robyn says:

      We dont have any aus products nearly all comes from overseas now


      1. Clare says:

        That is not true, read AusBuy and buy fresh, help our farmers


  6. DJ says:

    How dare New Zealand go down this road, we are supposed to be friends, friends don’t do this.


    1. Steve says:

      That goes both ways. Do you know about Australia’s discrimination against Kiwis?


      1. Daniel says:

        Australia very generously allows New Zealanders in with very very little restriction. If Australia chooses to limit in any way the number of New Zealanders coming into the country, than that is what will happen.


  7. Sheila Marchant says:

    All I can say is buy fresh, its best. Don’t buy frozen foods.


  8. Michelle Green says:

    Simple! Ban all imports from New Zealand and support Australian grown food only. Shut the back door!


  9. Robyn says:

    How about giving us the brand names as i would certainly boycott buying it would be nice to know


  10. Rrrosco says:

    Simple: don’t buy any food from NZ, whether it says local or not!


  11. Dorothy says:

    Woolworths often have frozen veg from China i always read label


  12. Marie Ann Mann says:

    Just buy Australian, processed at Simplot, then you are keeping Australian Farmers in business and safeguarding your families health. Buying fresh is of course best but can be expensive and wasteful when there are only one or two of you. We are an OAP couple and we buy fresh when we can and frozen when we need to.


  13. Just eat more Kangaroos and Abbo’s and less carrots


  14. Tarnya says:

    Time to name and shame the companies doing AGAIN so all can make informed decision with purchase of frozen fruit and veg


  15. daledean says:

    yes make it more easy to see what you are buying


  16. Woolworths have been doing this for years very sad for consumers.


  17. Glynis matten says:

    For goodness sake Australia let’s get it right


  18. Vandra Mellers says:

    Why are we importing when our food is the best and safest in the world! I have twice eaten prawns from Vietnam, and they have hit my stomach and I have vomited! Some imported foods are a threat to our health, and we can’t possibly check them all.


  19. Anne says:

    This has been going on and reported in the Media for well over 12 months. McCain vegetables are the worst offenders as well as Woolworth’s and Coles and Aldi home brands. When Choice magazine checked them for toxins I recall Birdseye as being the only Australian made and packed vegetable. As well as toxins from pesticides they found fecal matter in the mix. Remember the frozen fruit fiasco where people died from fruit imported from China and bought into the Country via New Zealand. We should treat NZ as a perpetrator in causing ill health to Australians.


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