Historical Sydney landmark, Keepers Cottage sold to Chinese billionaire 

THE historical Sydney landmark, The Keepers Cottage, has been snapped up for more than $7 million by powerful Chinese billionaires before it even had a chance to go to auction. The historic property was originally built in 1881 as the lighthouse keeper’s residence. 
Jianmin Song and Hailing Xu of Chinese conglomerate Nanshan Group bought the iconic Vaucluse residence for $7.5 million, two weeks ahead of its private auction scheduled for October 22.
“We had other offers in the vicinity of the sale price. Jianman Song and his partner in the sale, Hailing Xu, were very clear that they wanted to negotiate prior to auction,” selling agent Evan Williams of Ray White Double Bay said.

Earlier this year, the Nanshan Group purchased a 20 per cent stake in Virgin Australia for $260 million.

The historic property was originally built in 1881 as the lighthouse keeper’s residence. Photo: Ray WhiteSource:Supplied
The heritage-listed property, located on Old South Head Road, was built in 1881 by James Barnett as the Keeper’s residence of the adjacent c1818 Macquarie Lighthouse.
The property sits on 2600 square-metres of manicured land and features four bedrooms, working stables, a jacuzzi, a cool room and an aviary.

The Keepers Cottage was sold for $7.5 million two weeks before its scheduled auction. Photo: Ray WhiteSource:Supplied
The sandstone cottage with its unobstructed ocean views will now be the Sydney residence for the Nanshan Group when the Chinese billionaires are in Australia.
“The Group have a lot of business dealings in Sydney. The Keeper’s Cottage will be their Australian home,” Mr Williams said.

The cottage has kept its rural aesthetic. Photo: Ray WhiteSource:Supplied
The sellers of the cottage, Stephen and Carmen Davidson, bought the property back in 2002 as the family home. They renovated extensively in 2010 and said it was an emotional experience to let it go.
“We have tested the market before, but only now were we prepared to let go of the property,” Mr and Mrs Davidson said. “It has been an emotional decision for us.”

Sitting on 2600 square-metres of land in Sydney’s up-market Vaucluse, the property has ocean views. Photo: Ray WhiteSource:Supplied
Jianmin Song is now just the third private owner of the The Keeper’s Cottage.
“It was originally owned by the Commonwealth,” Mr Williams said.

The home will be the Sydney residence of powerful Chinese conglomerate, the Nanshan Group. 

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  1. Where are our wimpy foreign ownership laws. Bit by Bit Australia is selling itself overseas


  2. Ben Ashby says:

    Yes, our governments are busily ‘selling off the silverware’. The mining boom was squandered (heck, we couldn’t even keep a small marginal super profits tax); many corporates and wealthy pay little or no tax; and with the sell-off there’ll be little left for future generations. And that’s before we start talking about criminal neglect for the environment as it’s business as usual – profits before care 😦


  3. Denise Terry says:

    Theremin will be nothing left that we own if selling Australia off to foreign countries continues.


  4. d bradley q says:

    Absolute disgrace , we all must be looking the other way , SHAME


  5. Originally owned by the Commonwealth, so,was the Commonwealth even allowed to sell it privately?


  6. Meanwhile Julie Bishop is shovelling tens of millions at foreign countries at problems of their own making.


  7. Mark says:

    We are selling all our farms and assets to overseas interests. Look what is happening in New Zealand. Chinese government funding mandarin classes in na schools. Beware


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