Queensland youth ‘sick’ of unemployment

A group of young people in Townsville has taken to the streets to raise national awareness of the high rates of youth unemployment in Queensland.

The latest regional unemployment figures for people between 15 and 24 show Queensland is the worst affected state or territory in Australia.
Meet three of the demonstrators who want to get off welfare and be given a go.
By Jason Om

Three young people sit on a rock in front of a wall painted with graffiti.

I’ve spent the last three years looking for work and I have been close a couple of times. I’ve gone homeless, I’ve gone without money for months on end. Now I’m a bit more stable being on the pension. It’s not easy, especially being in a town where there are more people than jobs available.


A young man wearing a beanie holds a sign that reads “provide jobs 4 young people”.

It’s this constant up and down of hopefulness and trying not to get pushed back down by the fact that there are hundreds and hundreds of jobs going, but none that I can do at the moment.


A group of young people stand together holding signs that read “provide jobs for young people”.

I think there should be more opportunities for young people that don’t have jobs and don’t have a lot of experience. You need experience to get a job, but you need a job to get experience.



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  1. Teresa Chandler says:

    So they saved money by condemming our children and their dreams to the scrap heap.
    Repeating the obvious. Money earned here pays tax here. Is spent here. Expanding the economy. Keeping men and women part of a confident positive society. Mentally healthy.
    So where are the benefits to us by this outsourcing?
    Is someone in a position of control of these decisions being paid .
    A morally bankrupt decision.


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