Is Coles deliberately sabotaging a local butcher using a crafty trick ?

Coles has again been accused of bullying the little man, after deliberately steering foot traffic at a shopping centre away from a local butcher.
Giving them the Coles shoulder: Supermarket giant ‘tries to sabotage the foot traffic of small local rival butcher by blocking off one of its own entrances

The supermarket giant came under fire from politician Murray Cowper on Friday for its attempts to prevent customers buying meat from a local butcher which has been in the town of Pinjarra, Western Australia for 26 years.
Taking to Facebook, Mr Cowper described how Coles had blocked off an entrance near Pinjarra Meat Supply in an effort to force shoppers in the direction of its own meat section.
‘Gee whiz Mr Coles. Why block the entrance into your store to channel shoppers into your meat departments 10% off sale at the expense of Andrew Thaw’s Pinjarra Meat supply?’ Mr Cowper wrote.
‘Well I say, not shopping in your store this week! Supporting local business.’
After urging his electorate to support the independent business, the member for Murray-Wellington in the Western Australia Legislative Assembly, received hundreds of likes and wide ranging support.
For Pinjarra Meat Supply’s owner Anthony Thaw, the loss of foot traffic is a potential disaster.

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