Queensland garlic grower’s ambitious plan to win back market share from overseas imports

Garlic is not a crop for the faint-hearted, but a western Queensland farm is taking on the risk in order to close the gap on overseas imports.
One of only two large commercial growers in Australia supplying the major chain stores, Moonrocks in south-west Queensland, is about to harvest its second commercial crop.
Owners and brothers Andrew and David Moon said most garlic sold in Australia is produced overseas, with the majority imported from China.
“The goal for us is to reduce that to nothing, over time, and offer to the Australian consumer a much healthier product,” Andrew Moon said.
Moonrocks has a partnership with Coles and its first commercial crop was sold in stores across Australia last year, in competition with imported garlic.
Andrew Moon said the Australian-grown product sold well, but there were lessons to learn.
“I think we have a fair way to go with marketing it,” he said.
“We need the consumer to understand the difference because there certainly is a different price point to the imported Chinese [product].
“So the challenge for us is to get across to the consumer the health benefits and the freshness of the product,” Mr Moon said.
The bulk of the Australian-grown garlic is purchased from farmers’ markets or street stalls, meaning many consumers may never have tried locally grown garlic.
“A big percentage of growers in Australia are small growers who have a tonne or two or up to ten tonne to sell, which can be sold through those avenues,” David Moon said.
“Coles gets asked regularly from the consumer that they do want Australian product on the shelves and I suppose for us, over time, we have to be competitive with price and quality and that’s the goal for us,” he said.
The next goal for Moonrocks is to supply Australian garlic year-round, and that will present new challenges.
“In the future there’ll be a lot of collaboration with other growers and from time to time we have to go onto the market to buy garlic as well but mainly it’ll be our own garlic but as I say, collaboration with other growers,” Andrew Moon said.
“It’s a high-risk crop so only certain people around Australia will be doing it.”

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  1. LINDA says:



  2. Loretta Gallagher says:

    I support you fully, will look out for & buy you garlic over any other over seas product’s, thanks for giving it a go I wish you much success.


  3. Margaret Walker says:

    I am so pleased to hear your plans. I refuse to buy Chinese garlic, using Australian garlic in a jar when it’s not available. Will you be able to sell your garlic in the big supermarkets or where can I buy it?


  4. Carol beddows says:

    Are you looking for people to grow for you


  5. Linda says:

    I refuse to buy garlic from China or Mexico.
    I have started to grow my own using locally sourced garlic bulbs. Apart from giving some away to family and friends we froze a lot so all we have to do is take out the small zip lock bag and remove the quantity desired!!


  6. My wife and I have been choosing to buy Australian grown products over imports for many years, so I expect that means that we have been buying Moonrock garlic. I sincerely hope your new or extended venture is very successful.


  7. Lyn Hoskins says:

    I would certainly buy yours!


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