National security top concern in Ausgrid sale

Treasurer Scott Morrison says national security will be the top consideration in the decision on the controversial sale of the NSW electricity grid.
Mr Morrison said a final call was not too far away on the Ausgrid deal, which could have one of the nation’s biggest electricity networks leased to either State Grid Corporation of China or Hong Kong’s Cheung Kong Infrastructure.
‘People can be very assured we’re taking that to the ‘nth degree in examining the national security issues around this transaction,’ he told Sky News on Sunday.

‘It’s the most important consideration, and always is.’
Mr Morrison is expected to consult further with security agencies and government defence departments before announcing the successful bid in about two weeks.
The additional consultations follow protectionist campaigning by One Nation leader Pauline Hanson, Independent Bob Katter and influential radio host Alan Jones.
In a video posted on her Facebook page, Ms Hanson said people should be concerned about ‘Communist China’ wanting to take control of Australia’s electricity supplies.
‘Why would communist China want to own our electricity? Are you concerned? You should be,’ she said.
‘No foreign government – especially communist China – should own and have control of our electricity here in Australia.’
The Foreign Investment Review Board is yet to clear the sale, which looks set to be Australia’s biggest privatisation.
China-owned State Grid has reportedly bid $13-14 billion for the NSW government’s stake of 50.4 per cent – the government will remain a minority holder after the sale.
Ausgrid distributes to more than 1.6 billion homes and businesses in Sydney, the Central Coast, and the Hunter region, which would fall under the control of the potential foreign owner for a lease period of 99 years.
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  1. Janet Pond says:

    I know I cannot represent all the Australian population but I do know that every single person I discuss this topic with (and that’s been many ordinary Aussies) has a strong opinion that Australia must not sell off its land or other key assets. We must remain in control of what is ours and produce what we need to in order to remain self-sufficient for critical goods and services. Decisions must not all be based on money.


  2. Sam Liby says:

    I am so disgusted that this is being allowed to happen. China now owns most of our agricultural land, has just bought Darwin Port and is bidding for other Ports..when is it going to stop..The government don’t give a rats about our security it is all about money…money pure and simple because of their bad management and spending we are going broke so now we have to sell off our sovereign assets to reap back money…it is just ludicrous and now they want to sign us up to TPP agreement which is really Australia down the gurgler…If you don’t know much about the TPP please inform yourself as 3 chapters only refer to Trade the rest relates to rules for global corporations, which could prevent future governments from protecting the public interest. Please be informed.


  3. Theresa Stibbe says:

    Let Australians keep ownership and control of what we have in our own country and let other countries take care of their own countries instead of ours.. Take action before it’s too late. Once it’s gone it’s too late then. What is our government thinking – even considering foreign ownership is So Wrong!!!


  4. True Australian says:

    Wake up Australia. At present it appears we are under COMMUNIST CHINA side more than the USA.
    Has control interest on PORTS of Darwin and also at least Newcastle.
    Country rail services in NSW.
    New North West Railway.
    John Holland is controlled fully by Communist party of China.
    Numerous farms.

    Going to have troops from China on our shore.
    How long before China indicate USA is unwelcome in Australia.
    They have already told Australia not to support the USA or we will be shot at.
    Very sadly this is not today the FREE country many thousands of Australians have their lives for. See have the mafia just selling us off. Australia is not for sale.

    Australia we could of been a country built on performance and elimination of waste.
    Let’s pray that Australia can survive.
    Saint Mary MacKillop we pray to you to help us through this time of extreme problems Amen.


  5. Terminator says:

    We need to rid of these idiot politicians selling us out and get dick smith to run the country


  6. Vee says:

    Another stupid idea from our stupid dictators. Not happening. Australia wont let it. If this does happen Australians we need to get creative and create our own power. It can be done.


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