Chinese community launch campaign against Pauline Hanson 

The Australian-Chinese community has launched a social media campaign to try to combat what it describes as intolerant and racist ideas being spread by senator-elect Pauline Hanson.

Community leaders said when Ms Hanson was last in parliament 20 years ago, they documented a significant increase in the number of people of Asian heritage being verbally and physically abused by strangers in public.

Dr Thiam Ang was the Chinese Australian Forum’s president in the 1990s during that period, and said he fears history will repeat itself.

“People tend to think that it’s confined to blue-collar workers, but that’s not true because in those days men in suits were spitting on Chinese Australians in the Chatswood and Turramurra stations,” he said.

“So I would like to appeal to middle Australia to guard against this trend and ask them to speak up when they see any instances of racial abuse.”

The Chinese Australian Forum is calling on people to take photos with signs that feature the #SayNoToPauline hash tag, and upload them to social media.

The forum’s president, Kenrick Cheah, said the organisation will join forces with the Muslim community and others being targeted by Ms Hanson’s party, One Nation.
“We condemn Islamaphobia,” he said.

“Just because we aren’t the main target this time does not mean that they won’t be coming for us or any other group. And no group in this country should be subject to any racial vilification, discrimination.”

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  1. Casher says:

    Yeh well it would only be idiotic Chinese that cant handle the truth they lost the war now they think they can tell us what to do well hope dose fk off idiots sound


  2. Ralph says:

    Imagine what would happen if an Australian community in China were to campaign against the Chinese government. They’d bring out the tanks.


  3. Karen says:

    Bullshit. If u are doing the right thing here in australia u have nothing to fear. The episodeon today tonight that showed asian owned stores in australia charging westerners more money for products than our asian counterparts is not on. And aussies are just waking up to all these facts and more. So as i said if ur doing the right thing here in australia u have nothing to fear and if ur not be prepared for trouble


  4. Rob says:

    If the Chinese community of Australia wants to protest how about protesting against the Chinese government who as far as I can tell have taken less than 2000 non indochinese refugees/asylum seekers from anywhere let alone islamic nations in the last 50 years. Take the log out of your own country’s racist eye before mentioning the splinter in ours.


  5. dingoblue22 says:

    Foreigners in China are discriminated against in law; we have to pay much more for everything. Higher rents, higher deposits and interest on homes and when sold the gov takes 25% of the profit only off foreigners. In China, the government takes your land after 70 years lease . in OZ they own it forever! No Foreigner even if they got citizenship could ever work in a state department, Australia has affirmative action which gives Chinese preference to White Australian males in jobs. Many Chinese work in Australian government jobs! , yes in Australia Chinse businesses charge Aussies much more than the Chinese pay. Chinese live in OZ for the equal law, clean air, clean water from the tap, clean food, worlds best hospitals. ( in China only the rich get good medical care ) in OZ its equal for all citizens.Pauline Hanson;s business was run for years by a Korean woman, so stop the lies !! .or listening to the lefties.


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