Billionaire businessman Gerry Harvey says bring in dictator to govern

BILLIONAIRE retailer Gerry Harvey says Australia has been ungovernable since John Howard was dumped from ­office and claims the only cure for the nation’s broken democracy — hamstrung by years of dismal infighting — is to install a dictator.

Business leaders reacted with dismay at the knife-edge election result, which leaves the nation facing three more years of uncertainty, the possible loss of its triple-A credit rating and the likelihood that meaningful reforms will be blocked in a hostile Senate.

Post election lament… Gerry Harvey

Australian Institute of Company Directors CEO and former NSW Liberal leader John Brogden described the result as “the worst possible outcome for Australia”.
Mr Harvey said the nation was living beyond its means but claimed neither side of politics could do anything about it because of the prolonged instability in Canberra.

Neither side can do anything about it because the minute they do they’re hammered. The only cure we’ve got is to have a dictator like in China or something like that. Our democracy at the ­moment is not working,” he said.

Mr Harvey said the last prime minister who was able to run the country effectively was John Howard and the nation had been in a “state of constant turmoil” since 2007.

“In that period we’ve had five prime ministers and New Zealand’s had one. The whole world now, with what’s happening in England, Europe and America, there’s a great deal of dissatisfaction with mainstream politics and the people are showing their frustration.”

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  1. Vincent Iannello says:

    I think you may be right Gerry , there’s just to many factions , and all pushing there own agenda , no one is thinking about all Australia.


  2. Richard says:

    I will be that dictator.
    Firstly I will smash the strangle-hold monopoly of white goods chains such as Harvey Norman, and cut-off the corrupt funding that feeds their business: Donations to political parties who adjust immigration levers to increase demand for property and household purchases.

    I will make an example of these corrupt parasites , The CEOS of business who subscribe to the endless-growth ideology, They will be publicly executed, in front of cheering Australians.
    What a glorious dawn of a new age it will be.


  3. Chris Stiles says:

    Gerry Harvey is only interested in looking after Gerry Harvey


  4. Johnny Robinson says:

    Malcom Turnbull showed that a dictator can’t run the country anymore than a multi millionaire UN stooge. It’s the media that needs regulating & charging with responsibility. Media celebrities have the idea they are the government & untouchable as they push their socialist green views being taught from primary school to tertiary. Gerry Harvey was lucky to receive most of the benefits from the KRuddy stimulus package by bringing the big screen TV price down to $900, the amount paid to taxpayers.


  5. John says:

    Gerry we already have a dictator his name is Eric Abetz
    He seems to run the Liberal Agenda and politically assasinating anybody who doesn’t belong to the Far Right



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