Chinese investors plans in Australian Dairy farming 

Ningbo Dairy Group runs 20,000 cows on 30 farms in China. It is buying up Australian dairy farms and plans to fly 100,000 litres of fresh milk to China every day but there are problems, say Ningbo. Sue Neales writes:

“The downside of Australian dairying to the Chinese newcomers is the low milk price paid by Australian processors to farmers, high labour costs, excessive red tape, a slowness to innovate and the lack of good young workers.”The most disturbing elements of Sue Neales’ story were:

  • Housing thousands of cows indoors
  • Increasing the average cow’s production by 50%
  • Bringing some of Ningbo’s 2000 Chinese employees “…to Aust­ralia to milk cows and help lift farm production levels to Chinese standards”.

Ningbo Dairy Group vice-president Harry Wang, left, and owner Yin Chong Zhang inspect farms near Phillip Island.

I was astonished to read how openly Ningbo will exploit loopholes in our IR system to replace Australia’s “expensive” farm workers with Chinese employees at a fraction of the cost. Will the government act or is this simply the collateral damage of being “open for business”?

“With labour so expensive — three times more than in China — and milk cheaper, it makes profitable farming very hard; we see the only way is to process the milk ourselves, export it to China and to bring some of our workers here.”

– Ningbo Dairy Group vice-president, Harry Wang

We are not used to factory farming in Australian dairying but this takes us a giant leap towards it. The losers will be Australia’s workers, milk drinkers and, most of all, our cows. New Zealand has the Overseas Investment Office to protect its interests from unsavoury investors. Maybe it’s time Australia followed suit.
New development in Australian dairy makes my stomach churn

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  1. Valerie says:

    Bloody furious that this is now a REAL threat to,our Aussie way of life.m😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡


  2. Anne Failes says:

    WHEN will our Government take some action on this ?? If something isn’t done soon, it will be TOO LATE !! AWAKE UP AUSTRALIAN FEDERAL GOVT !!!


    1. Helen beregszaszi says:

      Bloody agree with you it needs to stop .


  3. Helen Hawkins says:

    No way our farmers are the best and deserve support. The Chinese are only interested in supply to their own people which is commendable but we need to look after our own too. No sale.


  4. Rebecca says:

    When will we see a government that doesn’t allow thing like this to happen!? This is a disgrace! There is no benefit for Australia in this!


  5. Jenny Tacken says:

    Can Australia be run by Australians? Foreign ownership, foreign investments. Jobs are needed by Australians for Australians, not bringing those from overseas. Don’t allow this to happen. We as Aussies wouldn’t be allowed to go their country and do what they do here? Angry beyond belief.


  6. kelly trubuil says:

    This rings alarm bells for animal welfare. Animal welfare is not at all a priority for china.


  7. Those appalling people will be eating the fresh Australian produce, & owning the country, & we will be eating the rice & making their beds & coffee.


  8. Janet daly says:

    This is truely a huge kick in the guts to our once Australian owned Farms.. Shame on The Australian Government for allowing this to happen when Australians were also sble to buy into this. . At a lower price of course.. Australian owned no more 😢
    What a disgrace !!
    It saddens me so.😢


  9. Janet daly says:

    This is truely a huge kick in the guts to our once Australian owned Farms.. Shame on The Australian Government for allowing this to happen when Australians were also had the opportunity to buy into this. . At a lower price of course.. Australian owned no more 😢
    What a disgrace !!
    It saddens me so.😢


  10. Bill Cohen says:

    our usless pollies are selling us down the tub


  11. L. Anstee says:

    Trumball, where are you?


  12. MLB says:

    I am so against this and have always said that there will come a day when China owns ALL of Australia’s primary producing land where they will grow and breed and take it all back to China and they will leave the rubbish here for which we will be forced to pay exorbitant prices for, my guess it’s not far away, especially when dairy farmers can’t make a living and are selling to the Chinese because the stupid Australian gov won’t help them, but they will gladly take their pay rises. I wonder if this Ningbo Dairy Group are paying Australian 😡😡😡taxes??? GRRRRRRR!!!!!!


  13. debra richards says:

    no hope for animal welfare in australia if these bastards are allowed to take over our animals –


  14. Ernie Adams says:

    I well remember the words of the Japanese at the end of the second world war when they said, “The fighting war has ended and the economic war begins.” and their product was rubbish at the start but improved over about ten years until they passed us, now the war has spread out into Asia and China is moving in the economic war is getting closer to our back door, it could be very soon we have to make a choice of whether we go with the USA or China. Wake up Australia and New Zealand. What has happened to the USA Navy Base to be built in the Northen Territory of Australia to halt China and stabilize this area


  15. Sharon says:

    Do people realize the Chinese are colonizing the world? They are in every third world country and I mean every! They are draining them of all their natural resources to take back to china. The Chinese govt bribes all the heads of state and anyone else they can to do this. It’s going under our very eyes and no one is doing a thing to stop it! Now they are in Australia and our govt allows it!


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