Power station bosses to get rid of workers aged over 55 

Power station bosses to get rid of workers aged over 55 – because they are ‘too old to face challenging changes’

Workers over 55 at a power station in Queensland could face early retirement for being ‘too old’.

Bosses at Gladstone Power Station want to slash 20 per cent of their staff and will target older workers who might not be able to face ‘challenging changes’ ahead, The Courier Mail reported.

The cuts will see 46 of the 230-strong staff left without a job

The move has been attacked for being from the ‘dark ages’ by National Seniors chief executive officer Michael O’Neill.

‘We have grave concerns … workers are being targeted based on their age … and it infers that older employees are inflexible and unable to learn new skills,’ Mr O’Neill said.

The power company has already lodged plans for their ‘early retirement’ scheme with the Australian Taxation office.

The company’s offer will see workers between 55 and 65 enter their retirement with 12 month’s pay.

‘The purpose of the scheme is to rationalise and reorganise Gladstone’s operations to meet their future business needs and increasing operational costs,’ the company told the tax office.

Craig Giddins from the Electrical Trades Union in Central Queensland said the company is replacing the older staff members because they cost more money.

‘I believe that the older workers have been targeted due to their high liability impact, they take longer to heal, age related sickness, bad backs, necks, limbs in general, cancer or other long term illness,’ Mr Giddins said.

The company has 129 workers over 50 on its books, 33 of those are over 60.

Workers born after 1965 must work until they are 70 years old, under the Turnbull government.


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