‘We need these jobs here’: Irish workers pursued for national broadband network 

The Australian government promised jobs and its delivering…..in Ireland

Recruiters for the National Broadband Network have angered local workers by seeking Ireland nationals to come to Australia to take up jobs on the massive multibillion-dollar project.
Boutique recruiting firm OneIRC Australia is advertising in the Emerald Isle for “copper gurus” to work on “Australia’s largest telecommunications project” – the National Broadband Network.

“Copper gurus” are being sought in Ireland to help build the National Broadband Network.

Applicants are being offered $75,000 a year for three years – and migration assistance – to fill vacant full-time positions “all over Australia”.

“Bring the family and stay in one spot or travel across the country,” the ad running on several online job sites says. “Terrific opportunity to see the great southern land.”
Interviews are due to take place in Dublin this month.
Experience in copper cable jointing is a must and an understanding of telco infrastructure a plus.

Applicants must have the ability to work alone or as part of a team, be flexible and available to work in metro and remote areas.

Curiously, OneIRC says in its company description it has a very strict no “Richard Cranium” policy.

The Communication Workers Union is outraged by the ads, calling it a clear pitch to Irish backpackers.
CWU National Secretary Greg Rayner accused the Turnbull government of sending NBN jobs offshore.

“This is Australia’s biggest job creating infrastructure project and with youth unemployment over 10 per cent we need these job here and now,” Mr Rayner told Fairfax Media.

The union’s NSW Branch Secretary Jim Metcher said jobs will be “dished out to workers in Kilkenny, not Sydney; in Tipperary, not Londonderry; in Dublin not Condobolin; Belfast, not Belgrave. It’s a disgrace.”

The NBN is in the process of doubling its construction workforce to 9000 people as it seeks to connect 8 million homes by 2020.

A spokesman for NBNco said the network is being built in partnership with the Australian construction industry “which employs the vast majority of those rolling out the network”.

However the spokesman could not say how many Irish workers were being sought or had already been employed. He also could not say in which other countries recruiters were seeking NBN workers.

“NBN has not advertised internationally for roles but we have advertised locally to encourage Australians to look at work opportunities with our construction companies,” the spokesman said.

However it’s understood the foreign workers are being employed on 457 visas to fill gaps in local recruitment efforts.

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  1. Ian Gregory says:

    As if we haven’t got qualified people her . one-week training is all that is needed for simple jobs like cable joining .we probably have enough qualified people already . The NBN is already obsolete and by the time 2020 comes around it will be an antique . they were supposed to be using fibre optic technology but no they are going back to copper . our leaders should all be tried for incompetence .


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