Adani boss warns Carmichael project may be abandoned 

ADANI boss Gautam Adani has warned the Carmichael coal mine may be abandoned if environmentalists continue to delay the project.In his first Australian interview, with The Australian, last week Mr Adani said he was disappointed that after six years the project was still delayed.

He hoped remaining legal challenges would be finalised by early next year.

“You can’t continue just holding,” he said.

Following the comments, Federal Member for Dawson George Christensen took to Facebook and said he would make it his mission to ensure the government passed laws to stop further legal appeals against the mine.

He challenged Dawson Labor candidate Frank Gilbert to do the same.

“We need job creation, not litigation! And so when the current extreme green court challenges against the Carmichael mine end, I will make it my mission to ensure the government pass laws to stop further legal appeals against the mine,” he said.

” I take this stand because I fight for local jobs. The question is does my Labor opponent have the ticker to do the same?”

Mr Gilbert will be contacted for comment.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Carolyn Kemp says:

    The number of jobs created will in no way compensate for the damage done. Work harder to get renewable prices down.


  2. Ms Naylor says:

    There are no bloody jobs associated with this mine! Auto driver trucks and the like …. it is a disgrace and I fervently hope it does NOT go ahead.


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