Army can’t afford to pay reserves 


HUNDREDS of Army reservists have been told they will not be paid for the rest of the financial year.

Reservists told The Sunday Mail that they were last week advised not to turn up for regular sessions until July because there was no money.

It is understood the move affects the entire force of more than 1000 reserve soldiers with the 11th Brigade, which has units at nearly 30 locations around Queensland.

An Australian Defence Force spokesman yesterday said: “The majority of regular Tuesday parade nights will continue. However, commencing this week some activities will be temporarily reduced, rescheduled or cancelled at the Brisbane-based 11th Brigade until 30 June 2016.

“Other tasks, including Army training, career and infantry initial employment training courses and essential unit governance will continue.”

The 11th brigade has units at almost 30 locations around Queensland.

The 11th Brigade has grown during the past 12-18 months through recruiting and retention initiatives. Additional resources were provided to cover the growth.’

Reservists said most members would be left about $7000 out of pocket by the move.

“Some people rely on this money to supplement their income,’’ one reservist said.
“They are very upset. It came without warning so they have no chance to make other arrangements.’’

The ADF spokesman said members of the 11th Brigade would continue to support formally requested ceremonial activities on Anzac Day, including at regional locations.

But reservists said they would be doing so on a voluntary basis.

The 11th Brigade celebrates the anniversary of its formation this year.

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  1. Bev Flegg says:

    I am dumbfounded. They should be paid. Take the money from those who are receiving huge pensions for pollies.


  2. Michael Mazur says:

    That we have 600,000 Muslims here already is an incentive for Muslim Indonesia to invade Australia, and we can’t maintain a Army Reserve to guard infrastructure against the inevitable sabotage ? See what I’m saying ?


  3. Russell says:

    Probably because they are buying up good primary producing land just so we can give Indonesian solders our warfare practices and they will firstly use it to murder West Papua and Papua New Guineans.


  4. Dave says:

    This is typical of the 11th Brigade it happens every year ,As an ex memember of a unit within 11 Brigade it does not surprise me at all at the total lack of support to the soldier ,most of whom are available at a moments notice to be there in whatever capacity. I left this unit last year on medical grounds and was appalled althrough my discharge proceedure i had no support from anyone in this unit from the commanding officer down! The commander 11Brigade needs to sack business managers /financial controllers over this piss poor behavior i feel for those reservists having been one myself.


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