Palaszczuk’s farmer bashing destroys Lohse family heritage

The vote hungry minority
Palaszczuk Government is now in the process of removing cattle producers from 78 leases to appease its green power base.
BIGGENDEN cattle producers Rob and Sharon Lohse know exactly what its takes to stand up to a bully.

But when the biggest bully in the schoolyard is the Queensland Government it can take some doing.
That was 2004 when the then Beattie Government was going to extreme lengths to paint farmers the length and breadth of Queensland as environmental vandals.
Beattie’s mission was to secure the urban green vote and maintain power for Labor while exploiting the intractable tensions between the divided Nationals and Liberal parties.
Belting farmers from George Street was not just a sport for Labor, it helped keep Team Beattie in power.

Part of the green agenda was to convert massive areas of productive forestry country into land reserved for conservation. The end game for the greens was to have five per cent of Queensland’s land area declared as national parks.

The downside of achieving the bureaucratic target was it meant largely shutting down the forestry industry and in many cases booting off cattle producers who had been sustainably grazing the same heavily timbered country for well over a century.
For Rob and Sharon Lohse the eviction order telling them their grazing lease located 55km south of Biggenden would not be renewed as it was required for a national park meant they would lose not only lose 1400-hectares of frontage country but also their entire cattle business.

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