Mike Nahan lashes Nationals over Fremantle Port sale

TREASURER Mike Nahan has lashed out at his National Party colleagues, saying they were “stuck in first base”, over their refusal to back the sale of Fremantle Port.
A clearly frustrated Dr Nahan — who is desperate to sell the port to raise an expected $2 billion to pay down mounting state debt of $30 billion — said the Nationals were yet to clearly state why they were opposing the sale.
And he said the Nationals’ decision was costing their constituents a new $200 million export livestock at Kwinana — which was to be paid for by the sale of Fremantle Port.

“I knew when the Nationals walked out (of Cabinet), after extensive discussions with them, that it would put the port sale into jeopardy because it was going to be hard to get through parliament,” he said.

“In the Upper House we need the Nats.

“The arguments that they weren’t informed (of details of the sale) were not true. Their three ministers were well informed and it is very, very disappointing.

“And to be blunt they have harmed their constituents.

“Because if they were to agree to vote for the port (sale) they would have this year got a brand new $200 million facility for a livestock export in the Kwinana area.
“They will have to be accountable for their actions.

“And they can’t use Royalties for Regions to build that facility because it is in the Metro area.
“They have cost their constituents a facility which it needs and have out at risk the export livestock industry.
“It is frustrating when politics over rides good policy and that an important industry is put at risk.”
Dr Nahan said he remained uncertain about what the Nationals were complaining about.
“They were in Cabinet, three of them when we went through this issue, and they haven’t been able to tell me what their issues are.
“I am waiting for feedback, and all I get is someone stuck in first base.”
The National Party and Liberal Party formed an alliance government in 2008.


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