A Poll has revealed 90% of Australians believe the Giles government’s decision to lease the Darwin port to a Chinese owned company is a risk to national security

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  1. Michelle Muscat says:

    How dare this or any Australian Government Sell Out/Lease or otherwise to China or any foreign entity. It’s not yours to do so with. Get rid of them!


  2. Steve Blaque says:

    cab driver i rode with today laughed when he said that china is ‘assuming control of australia’ much more does either turnbull or the jokes that fill the opposition have to bare their rear ends before one can no longer assume control of it due to excessive titillation….growth industries abound…crocodile farming and teaching chinese to the conquered.


  3. Judith says:

    Sad very sad


  4. Michael says:

    How the hell does the Australian Govt get away with this, does Australia have to be in bed with China, What are they doing? Another Hong Kong in Australia?


  5. Melati Morse says:

    More Australian government STUPIDITY!


  6. Francesca Noonan says:

    It’s a pretty sad state of affairs when a government has got itself into so much debt that they think they then get to cover their mistakes and make the deficit not look so shocking – by leasing Australian ports and selling farmland and iconic Australian businesses to the highest bidder. Australia used to be the “great country” wand it made you proud. Now I am ashamed and afraid for the future. Why aren’t they being held accountable?? 😡😡😡


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