Australian government doesn’t have a “bloody clue” about food security.

Feb 25, 2016

An Australian entrepreneur whose bid to buy the country’s largest dairy, but which was snubbed in favour of a Chinese interest, has launched a scathing attack on the federal government, saying it doesn’t have a “bloody clue” about food security.

Jan Cameron, founder of Kathmandu, now fears that the strategic purchase of our largest dairy by China bodes ill for the sale of the Kidman empire – the country’s largest beef farm.

“Politicians are stupid, short-sighted – they really don’t have a clue about commercial reality,” Ms Cameron told Leon Byner on FIVEaa.

“They mostly care just about being re-elected, and that’s how they make their decisions.”

Ms Cameron said there would be no buy backs once Aussie food interests fell into Chinese hands.

“China is not going to sell these farms that they buy,” she said.

“Once you sell the agriculture land to the Chinese, that’s it. It will be Chinese for ever, ever.”

“This is not a profit exercise for the Chinese. This is food security.

“The Chinese government understands food security. Our government doesn’t have a bloody clue,” she said.

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